November 23, 2016

Rectified Networks Pte. Ltd. is Now Rectified Networks Inc.

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Rectified Networks has now changed their country of incorporation from Singapore to USA to provide better and more affordable hosting services. They are still providing all services from same website

US is the leader when it comes to IT Industry, whether it’s hosting or software development, sooner or later all IT related company if they have to grow they usually do business with US based companies and some even make US as their headquarters, is also on the same path. first started as a small sole proprietor firm in India under the name Servers Sale, but due to lack of infrastructure in India (Mostly unable to accept recurring credit card payments, due to some local government policies) they decided to setup their company in Singapore and they did set it up under the name Rectified Networks Pte. Ltd. and they actually started growing very rapidly as Singapore was able to provide all the required infrastructure needed for running a hosting company like easy banking, payment gateway etc.. But again Rectified Networks have most of their Servers in US, and even most of their clients are in US they were looking for an easy way to setup their company in US, as for non-US residents the biggest problem is to get a bank account in US, but then Stripe Atlas offered them what they needed, they used services of Stripe Atlas and have setup their Company (C-Corp) along with Bank Account and Payment Processor in US. Now Rectified Networks ( is fully migrated to US and as a result of moving to US they are now even able to offer even better and cheaper hosting services. Earlier their VPS Packages started at $9 USD per month, but now they are able to offer same VPS for just $4.5 USD per month, they have even lowered their DDOS Protected Dedicated Server  pricing from $119 USD to $89 USD, the reason being, they don’t need to pay any currency exchange fees and even managing company is cheaper in US then Singapore, hence they are now offering even better and more affordable hosting services.

They still accept all popular modes of payments like:

  1. Credit Card (Visa, Master, AMEX, JCB, Diners, Discover)
  2. PayPal
  3. BitCoin
  4. Perfect Money
  5. Web Money
  6. AliPay

There is no change in management or in any of their hosting services, in fact most of their clients did not even noticed this change until Rectified Networks informed them, this migration was done without any downtime or service outage as all servers are still the same, they have just changed their country of Incorporation

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